Entrelazadas (Hope), un thriller donde la infancia te marca para siempre

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POParama, teatro musical que homenajea la música de los 80

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«aMOR eS CaCa» renews until January at OFF Latina

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«Microteatro por Amor (Volume 1)» now on sale

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«aMOR eS CaCa» returns to the OFF Latina room

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Who I am

Hello! My name is Julio García and I am a screenwriter (yes, it could be worse).

But this website is not to explain my miseries, which are many (I suppose like yours). Here what I want to show are my works, both in theater / microtheater, as in audio visual and in graphic novel / comic.

I will give you a summary of what I have done so far (a small biography):

Graduate in Communication Sciences from the UAB. I was trained in ‘Screenwriting Workshop’ in 2005 and 2006: “Master in Film and Television Script” (201h) and “Long-term series” (33h).

Julio García guionista

Theater plays 1/2 format premiered:

  • Eva + Adán (March and April 2019) at TeatreNeu
  • aMOR eS CaCa (april 2019) at OFF Latina CANCELED BY COVID-19

Premiered microtheaters:

  • El Punto H (April 2018) at Microdegustación Barcelona
  • I’m Famous! (June and August 2018) at Microdegustación Barcelona
  • The last pensioner (July 2018) at Microteatro por Dinero
  • Eva & Adán (September 2018) at Microteatre BCN and (November 2018) at Microteatro Lima
  • Forever 32 (November 2018) at Microteatre BCN and Microteatro por Dinero
  • El muro y el pollo a la brasa (may 2019)
  • La madre que te parió (november 2019)
  • Disfuncionarias (november 2019)

Short films:

  • El Último Pensionista (desember 2019)

1st prize at the Navarra Tierra de Cine festival